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St John, in the USVI, is a place where most people can only imagine living.

My family and I have had the wonderful opportunity to visit there many times over the last 15 years or so, and never thought we would be able to have a home there. Tammy Donnelly helped make it happen. Tammy, who grew up in the Virgin Islands, was extremely informative, providing us with everything we needed to know to move forward with the purchase of an island home. She made herself available to show us the properties we had interest in, to answer questions, and to provide us with names, documents and instructions on all the steps involved. She made the distance between the island and the states seem nonexistant as we proceeded with the purchase and closing from our New York state home.

Tammys’ assistance did not end with the closing. Tammy continued her support, when ever asked, with professionalism and timelyness. Since we are not quite ready to retire and leave our home in the states, Tammy has helped us prepare our island home for short term rentals. Tammy has been instrumental in adding all finishing touches to our villa, and has introduced it to her website. We enjoy the positive comments from our satisfied guests on not only the villa, but Tammys’ timely, informative and friendly service.

The 340 Real Estate Company is, in our opinion, one of the best sites we have seen. It is straight forward, informative, and friendly, much like Tammy herself. It is one of the few sites that allows you to put in your own criteria to search properties, and show you its actual location on the island. I urge anyone who is thinking about making the move to St John to go to www.340realestateco.com and contact Tammy Donnelly. She made it happen for us, and she can make it happen for you.”

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