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Let us blow our conch for a minute………
Tammy Donnelly has lived on St. John since 1978

Dockside Pub
Tammy’s first retail job was in 1979 – 1981 here at the Dockshop.

Prior to earning her real estate brokers license in 2000, Tammy worked for many years as a restaurant manager and a vacation rental home manager on St. John. She is also the former owner/builder of the “Tennis Villa” and has experience in the construction and development field.

Tammy has served on the St John Board of Realtors for seven years; two terms as President, a Board member of the Fish Bay Owners Association, Past President of the St. John Antilles Parent Association, and current Board member of the Friends of the Park. She supports many other community organizations including (St John Cancer Fund, Friends of the Park, Love City Pan Dragons, the ACC and more)  and environmental organizations here and abroad.

Tammy and her husband Jeff another longtime island resident reside in Fish Bay. Jeff is the owner of Jolly Dog and Zemi Designs stores located in Isola Shoppes in Coral Bay.

Tammy and Jeff
Tammys Family

Tammy’s every growing family enjoying Sandy Spit 12/17.

Tammy and Grandbabies

Tammy has gained the respect of customers and clients who recognize her dedication, hard work, honesty and knowledge in real estate. Tammy prides herself on providing excellent customer service.

John McCann

Born in Hawaii, John has always had island living in his blood. Life leads him from Hawaii to southern California and then to Boston where he began his real estate career in 1995, over 20 years ago. Needing to escape the harsh winters in the northeast, John discovered St. John and the rest is history. He made a 2-year plan to uproot his life and move to paradise, but, he couldn’t wait that long…18 months later, in 2001, St. John was home and he began his St. John real estate career. John brings a multi-faceted, progressive approach to his real estate career and is licensed in the US Virgin Islands, California, and Massachusetts. Please join us in welcoming John to 340 Real Estate Company. He can be reached at 340.998.0423 or email him at john@helloimjohn.com.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, John would love to put his over 20 years of real estate experience to work for you.

Jennifer Doran

Jennifer arrived on St. John in the mid 80’s, just in time to celebrate her 18th birthday! Jennifer was born and raised in Germany and the mountains of the Basque country, world famous for its exquisite surfing beaches and the beauty of the Pyrenees Mountains. Her love for beautiful places brought Jennifer to St. John when her father asked her to work with him on his new venture, the first “true” grocery store on island and NY style deli.

After many years, Jennifer left the successful family business and opened the famous Dockside Pub on St. John. For 12 years she was the first smiling face you saw when arriving by ferry to St. John. Her passion for food and hard work made Dockside Pub a local favorite and it is still missed 14 years after its closing. Her two sons Justin and Julien, who were both born and raised in St. John, had their lunch boxes coveted daily for the fabulous sandwiches Jennifer packed for them!


Jennifer eventually took her natural salesmanship abilities to the Westin St. John and successfully sold vacation ownership for 13 years. Her friendly and hardworking personality made her a favorite among Westin St. John clients.

Life in an office became too sedentary for this energetic lady and it became time to move on to her long dreamt passion for real estate sales and property management. Her never-ending quest for perfection and exemplary customer service makes this an easy transition for Jennifer. She has traded her corporate heels for flip flops and is quickly growing her property management business with several homes already under her management.

Jennifer joined 340 Real Estate in 2015 and is very excited to translate her love and knowledge of St. John into finding the perfect home for clients looking for their own beloved piece of the island. Her never-ending smile and trusting soul make her the right choice for anyone looking to buy or sell property on this little slice of paradise she has called home for over 30 years.

Tina Petitta Sales Associate Tina Petitto

Tina Petitto has lived on St John since 2004, when she left her then position as Director of Finance for the Sales and Marketing Division of Hearst Publications in Charlotte, NC. She spent her childhood until the age of 21 living in the Middle East and SE Asia. Time away from home was spent at boarding school, college and the Graduate School at Villanova University.

 In the late 80’s she was introduced to St John by her still best friend from High School. After a short two year stay, and many return visits, she moved back with her family. Tina is a Finance and Accounting Manager for many St John businesses, owns several rental properties, and has recently become more formally involved in the world of Real Estate. 

Tina and Joe

She currently resides in quiet and peaceful Fish Bay with her contractor husband, Joe Nogueira. 

Maia and Tina

Her daughter, stepson, and two stepdaughters live in the Carolinas, which is a place still close to her heart. She loves spending time in Miami visiting her mother and, most of all, traveling and exploring the world with her daughter and family.

Mary Moroney

Mary Moroney hails from New England, born and raised in Connecticut she moved north to Maine in 1976. In Maine, she raised her children and was a K-12 Art teacher with over 500 students per week. Mary and husband Tim bought land on St John in 1998 as their 5 children were emptying the nest. They had a 5-year plan to sell all of their property in Maine so they could sail their boat down to St John and build a home. In 2003 they pushed off the mooring in Rockland, Maine and sailed to St John. Their adventure had begun in earnest and although there were rough seas at times and hoops to jump through with the building process they managed to build their home on St John. Mary and Tim were designers, general contractors, builders, electricians, carpenters, tilers, masons, plumbers, and laborers.

Their home is masonry, poured concrete with wood jalousie windows and doors. Although they did hire help for large cement pours, they managed to achieve the build themselves with patience and hard work. This experience has given Mary great insight into the building process and how to make dreams come true. Mary is a board member of Estate Fish Bay Owners Association. Mary and Tim love life and have an ever-growing family of their 5 children they have 16 grandchildren. Let her put her passion and experience to work for you! 

Wayne and Rosanne Lloyd

Rosanne Ramos Lloyd

Rosanne Ramos Lloyd is the newest sales agent to join 340 Real Estate Company. Born and raised in Houston Texas, Rosanne started what would become a lifelong Residential Design career with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Houston in 1997. After five years working as a designer in the office of Natalye Appel + Associates Architects LLC, she left Houston for Rhode Island School of Design to complete her Masters in Industrial Design. After graduating, Rosanne taught in the Undergraduate ID program at RISD and started her own design practice, Inclusion By Design LLC. During her time in Rhode Island, Rosanne was introduced to St. John when she met the owner of Maho Bay Camps, Stanley Selengut, in New York. Stanley’s interest in Rosanne’s work was routed in her commitment inclusive design, and then grew to impact the development, and later renovation, of Concordia Eco-Resort.

Rosanne met her future husband Wayne on St. John in 2004 while working on “Building a Destination for All, 2005;” an awareness raising initiative for the tourism industry to develop an island wide physical infrastructure accessible for all ages and abilities, specifically aging populations and persons with disabilities. In January 2010 Rosanne moved full time to St John, married Wayne and continued her design work.

Rosanne has 23 years of professional experience working directly with homeowners on residential design, construction administration and owner representation. Rosanne is owner of Antares Property & Hospitality LLC, serving
St. John homeowners with management and marketing of short-term villa rentals. Subsequently, she and her husband opened Island Host, a full-service concierge located in the Isola Shops Building in Coral Bay.

Since 2005, Rosanne has donated her professional expertise on the Francis Bay Accessible Trail, and Cinnamon Bay Accessible Trail through Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park and has taken commissioned work with FVINP,
including a comprehensive accessibility study of the park’s beaches and trail system, as well as a Trail Ratings Project. Rosanne is an active member of FVINP advisory council.

Prior to 340 and Antares, Rosanne was principal of Inclusion By Design LLC, an interdisciplinary design practice committed to creating built environments, products, systems, and graphic information for people across all ages and
abilities. Her hands-on, collaborative style of research, analysis, and design is a result of her multidisciplinary training in Architecture and Industrial Design combined with her 23 years of professional experience. Rosanne’s work history is diverse in industry and scope. Her greatest talent is for understanding the multiplicity in human experience and using that knowledge to ensure user-centered solutions. Her capabilities range from lead designer, project manager, and primary consultant to construction administrator.

Under Rosanne’s direction, Inclusion By Design became an established leader in the field of inclusive strategy for both public and private projects. Her passion and commitment to socially responsible and sustainable design remains a significant part of her life’s work. The confidence that is displayed in her work comes from understanding the impact her design will have on people’s lives and receiving that knowledge as an obligation and responsibility to demonstrate discipline and accountability in everything she does. Rosanne has been invited to speak at national and international forums, from Nevada to Florida and from Brazil to Mozambique, about these issues and to showcase her work.

Her gift is in listening and understanding to the wants, needs and tastes of her clients. Her expertise is in knowing how design impacts usability and the satisfaction of each individual client.

Real Estate / Property Management
Home Design, Addition & Renovation
Inclusive Design / Universal Design / Human Centered Design
Assistive Technology / Ethnographic Research Methodologies
User Experience / Collaborative & Inclusive Processes
Beyond ADA Compliance

Elise Dupont

Elise Dupont

Elise is originally from New Hampshire, having spent her summers on the coast of Maine. It is there that she first developed her love of the sea and its beaches. She moved to New York City and studied at CUNY. While living in Connecticut, Elise worked as a mortgage broker assistant for Global Realty Partners.

The tropic winds were calling, however, and Elise decided to continue her adventures south to Miami Beach where she began a successful design company that specialized in architectural finishes. That is until she was pulled onto a boat by a friend who was aware of her culinary talent. The charter was heading to the Bahama’s Abaco Islands and was in need of a yacht chef. The first glimpses of the clear turquoise waters were all Elise needed to know that she would always surround herself with this beauty and climate. She continued working as a yacht chef throughout the Caribbean and Bahamas for 12 years.

Elise Dupont

It was during her 4 month stay on Water Island, off St Thomas, that Elise discovered St John and knew it was the perfect island to call home….beautiful, quiet, safe, not too remote and filled with wonderful people …. this was her haven from the cold of the Northeast, the isolation of The Big City and the traffic of Miami. As a member of the Freshwater Church, Elise is active in both the children’s ministry and tutoring at JESS. All ages are put at ease by her sweet, joyful spirit. Elise genuinely loves these islands and looks forward to helping you make your own transition to paradise

Mark Shekleton Sales Associate

Mark Shekleton

Mark Shekleton arrived on St. John in 1979 and has been a full-time resident since. Mark started a Villa Management Company on St. John in 1986 Seaview Homes Inc. which he currently still owns and operates.

Mark enjoys snorkeling, swimming, sailing, hiking, music and island life in general.